Friday, July 29, 2011

Mushroom and Onion Cheeseburger

After a week of long days—playing laser tag, going to retirement parties—I have decided to take it easy tonight : ) I have a huge to-do list for tomorrow as well, including a much needed gym session, so I want to be able to be lazy tonight! 

I also wanted to take some time tonight to think of new ideas/recipes for my food processor, as I got it in the mail today!!! Pat gave me my gift for my birthday when we were in Maine, but it needed to be shipped down here so I could use it—he was such a sweetheart and paid for the shipping. I am one lucky girl! 

I unpacked the food processor, I put it on the counter with all of my favorite gadgets.  After taking a look at my countertop, all of my fave (and most highly used) gadgets are from Pat—he’s definitely a keeper!
My Kitchenaid mixer, Cuisinart 16 cup(!) food processor,  and Wustorf knives...
the flowered bag in the back has my pasta maker...again, from Pat!

The temperatures have risen here in Virginia, with the high in my car of 108 F, so it is clearly obvious that summer is here to stay. 
Anyone that knows me will say that I am a fall and winter gal--I love months with cooler temps, crisp leaves, and cold snow.  Nothing beats it for me.  However, living in the south (yes, I consider VA the “south”), I get to appreciate summer a little longer in the year than when I was living in Massachusetts. 

Bring on the BBQ.

For tonight’s post, I wanted to give some tips on how I make one of my favorite summertime dinners: mushroom and onion cheeseburgers.  YUM.  So classic, but it never gets old.  

A few weeks ago, I went to Whole Foods and bought 8 preseasoned hamburger patties for $8! (Whole Paycheck, I don’t think so!!)  I got the chipotle burgers, with organic meat, some chipotle powder, cumin, and cayenne.  Sooo good.  
Mushroom and Onion Cheeseburger
1/2 cup sliced mushrooms 
1/4 onion, sliced
1 slice mozzarella cheese
1 hamburger patty (1/4 lb. of meat approx.)
mustard and ketchup
With about a teaspoon of olive oil and salt and pepper, saute onions and mushrooms on medium heat for about 6 minutes, or until the onions and mushrooms are cooked (but not mushy!).
Add burger patty to grill pan.  And here's the key...don't touch it for about 5 minutes!  Then flip it, and leave it again for another few minutes, or until fully cooked and it looks like this:
Love those grill marks!
Now here are where things get interesting!
Pile the mushrooms and onions on the patty, until they begin to fall off, and then save the rest for later : )
And from this angle---- 
Look how piled on they are!
Add the cheese...

Once the cheese is on, cover it for a minute or so--the cheese will melt and it will hold all the toppings inside! This is the best for when you use a hamburger bun because nothing is worse than losing half of your sandwich, where it can end on your plate, or even worse...your shirt (not that it has ever happened to me before...)!
And after:
Note the "artistic" ketchup and mustard action in the top left : )
And for the first bite:
Look at how the toppings aren't going anywhere! The cheese is a godsend. Seriously.
Maybe I could get used to summer after all : )

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