About Me

Hi everyone!!!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, The Grad Gourmand : ) The name of this blog is a play from one of my idols, the great Julia Child, who co-founded L'├ęcole des trois gourmandes, or The School of the Three Happy Eaters.  Reading her greatest work, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, as well as My Life in France, has really inspired me to treat food with the respect it deserves--as an art!  Treating food with care, respect, and love can really turn it into a masterpiece for all to enjoy! 
I am currently a graduate student in Virginia (hence, the 'grad' portion of my title!).  Thus, I am confined to working within a grad student's budget and experience---but I won't let that stop me! I am constantly trying out new recipes from my favorite blogs and cookbooks and can't wait to show them to you!  Originally from Massachusetts, my family, friends, and boyfriend (and seestor!) are currently ten + hours away.  Cooking became my outlet for when I craved being around those I love---I whipped my frustrations into a frenzy, along with butter, eggs, and cream.  Thus, having all of these recipes in one place, accessible to everyone who uses the great void which is the Internet, will give them the chance to make these at home while I am hours away.
I have been in love with the art and science of cooking and baking ever since I could pick up a mixing bowl and spoon!  The idea of this blog came when my family members and coworkers kept asking me for the recipes of the food that I would always dangle in front of their eyes (sorry guys!). Also, I would tempt my mom and my boyfriend Pat with pictures of my daily meals, causing them to be incredibly jealous... : )

 I also plan on using this blog to document my daily workouts and training schedules.  I am an avid runner, and love to compete in races, including my very first half-marathon last May! I also love to go to spinning, yoga, and Body Pump classes!  I am going to be a little selfish here and use this as a way to hold myself accountable to you guys, because God knows that after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do sometimes is work out. : ) So, you can see my daily workouts throughout my daily entries.  Also, you can see my favorite training plans and other workout plans in the Favorite Links tab. 

Also, one of my coworkers, Jill, will write for the blog and share great recipes for every appetite!

Jill, The "Occasional Oenophile"
The “Occasional Oenophile” is something of a misnomer…I’m always an oenophile but only an occasional contributor to the blog. My delightful co-worker, Rachel, invited (read: coerced) me into participation. Though I’m foreign to the blog world, I’ve been cooking and enjoying food for most of my life. A vegetarian since 1994, I’ve been modifying my carnivorous husband’s favorite foods since 2004. It usually ends in a happy medium of shared side dishes to complement our divergent main courses. To that end, I had the opportunity to cook with Emeril Lagasse on the Emeril Green show in 2009. Learning new techniques and recipes only fueled my fire for great vegetarian cooking. While the rest of the country struggles to keep up, this vegetarian is whipping up tasty, healthy, filling meals that will complement a variety of wines! In the interim, I’m struggling to keep up with Rachel’s running schedule!


  1. You are amazing! Your personality and zest for life show right through. You have 2 new fans already: mom and Alex!

    We really want to try that shrimp recipe! It looks soooo good! How about when we vacation in Maine?


    p.s. wait until dad sees this when he gets home from work!!!!

  2. Seestor! I wanted to be your first comment but Mama Sue beat me to it! Love this and can't wait to see more. It is such a fun, rewarding hobby! Love you lots! xo

  3. Hey Rachel!!
    Your 'seestor' told me all about you & your blog :) I can't wait to read more!!!