The Occasional Oenophile

The “Occasional Oenophile” is something of a misnomer…I’m always an oenophile , but only an occasional contributor to the blog. My delightful co-worker, Rachel, invited (read: coerced) me into participation. Though I’m foreign to the blog world, I’ve been cooking and enjoying food for most of my life. A vegetarian since 1994, I’ve been modifying my carnivorous husband’s favorite foods since 2004. It usually ends in a happy medium of shared side dishes to complement our divergent main courses. To that end, I had the opportunity to cook with Emeril Lagasse on the Emeril Green show in 2009. Learning new techniques and recipes only fueled my fire for great vegetarian cooking. While the rest of the country struggles to keep up, this vegetarian is whipping up tasty, healthy, filling meals that will complement a variety of wines! In the interim, I’m struggling to keep up with Rachel’s running schedule!

My recipes:

Mediterranean Veggie Bake
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Deviled Eggs