Friday, August 5, 2011

Girls' Night

I am about to embark on yet another trip up to New England before my final year of grad school starts.

What better way to start the final vacation than with a spa night?

After a mani/pedi sesh...

I began to assemble ingredients in order to make my own spa products!
Final Products: Oatmeal exfoliator, Yogurt Mask, and Sugar Scrub
I used the following recipes taken exactly from Our Best Bites.  The red colored writing are my comments about the various treatments.

Sugar Scrub
By Sara

1/4 C brown sugar
1/4 C white sugar
1/2 t cinnamon
1/2 t ground ginger
1/2 t ground cloves
Oil: olive oil*, almond oil, grape seed oil, apricot oil, jojoba, etc.
optional: a few drops of essential oil, such as cinnamon--I used olive oil
Mix all ingredients together.
Guys, this was amazing! You can use this from head to toe in the shower, scrubbing in circular motions for about 3 minutes.  Not only did you smell great after, but I am still touching my arms a day later--you come out of the shower with silky, soft skin!  
And, all of these ingredients can be found in a well-stocked kitchen--score!

After a quick steam (just with boiling water, but they have great suggestions of other steams in the above link), I began withe exfoliator.
Facial Time  
By Sara

Oatmeal Exfoliator

2 t oats 
1 t baking soda
warm water
Place oats and baking soda in a small bowl and add small amounts of water just until it comes together in a spreadable paste. About 1 1/2 t should do it. Use your fingers to rub it on to your face in circular motions. Massage for 1-2 minutes and then rinse off with warm water and pat face dry.
This was very messy (to put it nicely!)--however, that being said, I believe that it did exfoliate my face.  I am not sure if I will use this every time between the steam and the facial mask because it was so messy, but it was worth the try!
Honey Yogurt Mask
1/2 T honey
1 T plain yogurt
1 t cucumber pulp (I didn't have a cucumber, so I just used the first two ingredients)

This did wonders for my face--after I took this off, I felt like I actually had a professional facial!  I felt a little like Mrs. Doubtfire with the mask on, because it dripped off my face a bit : )
See what I mean!?
Sara has other kinds of facial masks as well on her site, so please look for other options!

This was such a fun time, and I loved how everything I needed to create these products were found in my kitchen! The results were amazing and I definitely will be using these products again!

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